The London Search and Rescue team was founded in 2002. We are comprised of highly skilled volunteers trained in Ground Search and Rescue to locate lost or missing persons in a 100 km radius of London, Ontario. In 2003, LSAR joined St. John Ambulance and became division #1182 as the Search and Rescue Division.

LSAR assists the London, Strathroy-Caradoc, Aylmer, and St. Thomas Police Services and the OPP in the search and rescue of lost or injured persons across Middlesex County. Members of LSAR have been trained in First Aid, Basic and Advanced Search and Rescue, Rappelling, Rigging-for-Rescue, Man Tracking, Dive rescue and many other areas of expertise to effectively assist on searches. Our volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Throughout the year, London Search and Rescue also provides a safety program to local primary schools & youth groups, such as Brownie/Scout troops. Our program consists of a video on survival (Hug-A-Tree by the RCMP) if lost in the wilderness, along with a presentation by our members on the prevention of getting lost and how to make the find much easier for searchers. Our members participate in this program strictly on a volunteer basis. We feel that this program is critical to the well being of the children in our community, as well as their families.

Janelle Coultes
London Search and Rescue

How to Join the London Search and Rescue Team

Please contact our Member Services for information on joining London Search and Rescue.

Any Questions

You can contact our superintendant ( ), if you have any other questions about the London Search and Rescue Team.

We will not comment on any current or previous searches, please contact the police department in the jurisdiction. If you would like more information about LSAR, feel free to contact us.